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Crisis and Paganism
1st Mykonos Biennale - Cine Manto
Curated by: Lee Wells and Katie Peyton
June 21-24, 2013

ARTISTS:  Alison Williams, Betty Tompkins, Colette Lumiere and Friedericke Schaefer, [dNASAb], Eve Vaterlaus and Peter Fend, Gary Indiana, Gregory de la Haba, Heide Hatry, Katie Peyton, Lee Wells, Marjan Moghaddam, O Zhang, and Pierrot.

pirate-states-homepagePeanut Underground and Lee Wells IFAC proudly present “Pirate States” as part of the 1st Mykonos Biennale.

The avant-garde has returned. A new supermodern aesthetic is here: a new awareness formed in wake of cultural post-traumatic stress, institutional corruption, and postmodern complacency.  All these crises are caused by a general disrespect for new ideas. Time is marching on.

The Pirate States are geographically located between hyperreality and the glitch, in the slipstream of the spectacle. Descending from the Cloud, art exists as actual and potential energy, as performance, as memory.  It does not ask to be understood, only to be freed.

These artists create work with no fixed shape or location: nomadic artifacts that jump the rails of the global surveillance state. 

The avant-garde is on the attack.   We are flash mobs and creative insurgencies, kitenic undergrounds with virile digitalia.  Armed with new ideas coming from deep space, ancient myth and Antarctica, artists now engage in a borderless discourse unpredictably more complicated than ever before. Necessity demands new forms.  

Godard said, “The so-called ‘digital’ is not a mere technical medium, but a medium of thought.  And when modern democracies turn technical thought into a separate domain, those modern democracies incline towards totalitarianism.”

Jorn said, “The avant-garde doesn’t give up.”

The avant-garde is essential to our survival. What will emerge is left open.  We are. It is.

Crisis and Paganism addresses the failures of global capitalism in the 21st century, as manifested by the current economic crisis in Greece and its overall effects on networked society.  But as we acknowledge the pending collapse of corrupt capitalist systems, we celebrate the infinite spirit of creation.  We call out to the ancient gods for new knowledge and inspiration, and to grant us the vision and fortitude to free ourselves from all forms of repression and austerity.  The festival strives to cultivate a fresh energy, through the creative convergence of artists and thinkers, in the hopes of reflecting a new positive light back into the world.

The First Mykonos Biennale is an artist-run, avant-garde festival of new media, film and art. Opening on the Summer Solstice, the Biennale brings over 100 international artists to the ancient islands of Mykonos and Delos, Greece to present their work and address this year’s theme, “Crisis and Paganism.“
Artistic Director: Lydia Venieri 
Executive Producer: Andonis Kioukas
Curators: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Katie Peyton, Lee Wells, and Ed Steinberg.

For more information contact or Lee Wells
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+1 917 723 2524
Pirate States Video Program

mykonos-colette-webColette Lumiere - Tunisia - US
A Pirate In Venice, 2012
filmed by Friedericke Schaefer
Dur. 30:00 min
A poetic portrait of the artist. The film documents Colette’s presence in Venice for her show “Politically Colette” during the 2011 Biennial. Beginning as a personal documentation of Colette’s voyage and evolved into a documentary/collage. It features the curator Alan Jones, Paolo Barozzi, Anthony Haden-Guest and others.

mykonos-zhang-webO Zhang - China - US
Of Anna and Dreams, 2010
Dur. 12:00 min
Of Anna And Dreams is a visual journey of dreams of Anna May Wong, the first Asian- American Actress who gained a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. She defied cultural and legal barriers. This film is a modern and artistic interpretation of three dreams exploring three themes in her life: Fear, Identity Complex, and Lust for Love.

mykonos-indiana-webGary Indiana - US
Homage to Catatonia, 2005
Dur. 16:36 min
One of many of Indiana’s “scratch films” made specifically to be shown at Cabaret RAF, a vaudeville and variety show presented at irregular intervals at Passerby at Gavin Brown Space and Participant, Inc between 2004-2005 and is a meditation on the society of the spectacle and mass hypnosis.

mykonos-delahaba-webGregory de la Haba - US
Its only the beginning, 2012
Dur. 6:00 min
A small coastal tribe of surfers manifests a magical gateway and look into and upon another world where mythical figures worship Eros and the Sun.

mykonos-hatry-webHeide Hatry - Germany
Dur. 2:47 min
In the video diptych Expectations (2 min 47 sec) Hatry enacts two very different, even extremely different, responses to the fulfillment of the principal biological function of the female body, birth.

mykonos-disney-web[dNASAb] - US
"Aesthetics of Decay; Anthropomorphic Artifacts vs. Ruin Porn, 2013
Dur. 6:00 min

The project is an audio-visual investigation into the “Aesthetics of Decay”, “Ruin Porn” and the lifespan of current consumer electronics. A story referencing loss via death, rebirth and the cycle of life.

mykonos-williams-webAlison Williams - South Africa
Pussy Power, 2010
Dur. 3:00 min
A psychological work that disturb normal modes of being.

mykonos-marjan-webMarjan Moghaddam - Iran-US
David and Goliath Cant Fight, 2012
Dur. 8:00 min
A short animated painting using 3D CG, motion capture of dance/martial arts, and special effects, in which the David & Goliath of mythology engage in a Mexican standoff without the classic slaying, as the Post-millennial David’s of our world rise against the giant of Corporatism.

mykonos-pierrot-webPierre Carrileroaka Pierrot - France - US
Skype Me Tonight, 2011
Dur. 3:45 min
A cybernetic music video fantasy questioning contemporary relationships, sex and digital communications.

mykonos-fend-webEve Vaterlaus and Peter Fend - US
Ocean Earth Development Corporation - Kelp Gathering
Dur. 7:00 min
OEDC divers gather bladder kelp samples to be used in experimental research for the development of an algae-to-gas industry in hydrometric areas of New Zealand.

mykonos-wells-webLee Wells - US
Collider 2.1.2, 2013
Dur. 6:00 min
Collider is an imagebomb and subliminal deprogramming device for the 21st century. A form of scratch realism that brings the viewer into a virtual wormhole of information as a means to further question contemporary society, the surveillance state, neo-fascism and popular revolution.

mykonos-peyton-webKatie Peyton - US
The Conclusion, 2013
Dur. 15:00 min
The Conclusion is a supermodern conversation about art, history and the end of the world. Peyton readdresses Alain Resnais’ avant garde film “Last Year at Marienbad” furthering the ambiguous nature of the original plot with the chaotic nature of contemporary life, social relations and spectacle. This psychological dual between a man and a woman engages the viewer in a hyperspatial dialogue.

Produced by Lee Wells / IFAC

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