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2nd Anarchist Art Fair
Curated by Anonymous at Peanut Underground
May 7 – June 9, 2013
Opening Reception: May 7th, 7-10pm

This year the fair includes work by Anton Lefevre, Allison Williams, Banksy, Betty Tompkins, Brett Casper, Colette, {dNASAb}, FEMEN, Gregory de la Haba, Heide Hatry, Hitomi Mochizuki, Katerina Skassi, Lee Wells, LG White, Lydia Venieri, Magdalena Marcenaro, Nico Smith, Peter Fend, Reka Nyari, Saskia Hahn, Savannah Spirit, Simone Gad, Yoshitmo Nara

Peanut Underground, are proud to present the second annual May Day show. A new year, a new ship, a new course plotted to the East: a piratical transgression of art and culture, a temporary autonomous zone, a safe harbor to engage in free dialogue and an open exchange of ideas. This spring, we overthrow the patriarchal hegemony and celebrate the pirate utopia.

Apostates, traitors, degenerates, heretics, riot grrrls, dreamers, dissidents, artists, refugees and desperados have all discovered our underground harbor. For the past year, they have arrived with gifts and ideas collected from the four corners of the world, performing lustrations, and leaving traces and artifacts for future cultures. Last year, we said that we remembered in our collective minds something different.

That's why we went underground to create our shelter, where we worked to build the new. Now, we are celebrating our ninth exhibit, still mixing established luminaries with emerging talent.

X marks the spot at the crossroads of infinity.

Peanut Underground is organized by Katie Peyton and Lee Wells

Special projects curated by Myriam Vanesch
featuring new media installations by Leila Feuer, Alexandra Gorczynsky and Angela Washko.


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