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100 Years in the Underground
Steichen to Sherman to ∞
The History of Photography Six Feet Under
Organized by Lee Wells and Katie Peyton at Peanut Underground

March 4 - March 24, 2013
Opening Reception - Monday March 4, 6-9pm
Armory Centennial Party - Saturday March 9, 7-11pm
with jazz performance by Hayes Greenfield


Cindy Sherman, from the Line-up series, 1977-2011

Artists Include: Alexandra Batsford, Andres Serrano, Arthur Siegel, Baird Jones, Brett Casper, Cindy Sherman, Clayton Patterson, Christin Paige Minnotte, Diane Arbus, Damien Hirst, Edward Steichen, Eric Payson, Francesca Woodman, Gregory de la Haba, Heide Hatry, Helmut Newton, Hitomi Mochizuki, Horst P Horst, Julian Kliner, Katie Peyton, Kim Keever, Lee Wells, Lillian Bassman, Marcel Duchamp, Marjan Moghaddam, Rachel Monosov, Robert Mapplethorpe, Savanah Spirit, Spencer Tunnick, Tamas Banovich, Terry Richardson, William Kline, Yapci Ramos

Organized by Lee Wells and Katie Peyton

Marcel Duchamp: "There was a symposium in Philadelphia on the subject, more or less, of where we go from here. I ended by saying that the great man of tomorrow should not be seen, cannot be seen, and should go underground.”
Calvin Tomkins: “Well, in a sense, you have gone underground.”
Duchamp: “I was underground at the beginning but now I'm not…It's probably my doom, too."  (Marcel Duchamp: the Afternoon Interviews, by Calvin Tompkins, with an introduction by Paul Chan)

Join us as Peanut Underground take the history of photography six feet under, through a forward-looking exploration of modern life, beauty and the human form. The exhibition attempts to pull us away from our natural limits and common understanding by closely juxtaposing the photographs of modern masters (Steichen, Kline, Horst), alongside contemporary art stars (Sherman, Serrano, Woodman) and young emerging photographers (Spirit, Kliner and de la Haba).

”100 Years in the Underground” presents art as objects, to be consumed, digested, and enjoyed, rescuing art out of the gilded halls and returning it to its rightful space among the artists.   We present Art History as readymade, totally pulled out of context, just like the Fountain and Bottle Rack.  Museum as bottle rack - a work of art, a place to hang things.

We salute Duchamp on the hundredth anniversary of the 1913 Armory Exhibition, and curate in his spirit by taking a step beyond the ontological emptiness of postmodernity and act amid the chatter of the supermodern spectacle in a quest to find greater truths.  We invite you all to descend the staircase (nude or otherwise) this Monday at 6pm, when we will present 100 years of photographic history from Peanuts not-so-secret underground location.

The spirit of the East Village lives on.  See you Monday for our preview and on Saturday for our Centennial Celebration with live experimental music by jazz legend Hayes Greenfield.

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