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November 26, 2013 - January 11, 2014
Reception : December 12, 2013,  6-8 pm.

The Beautiful Dreamer has become a Reverse-Pop artist, exploring the channeling of ideas through commercial media instead of framing commercial images for the art world consumption. - Jeffrey Deitch, 1981, for Politi's monograph on Colette 10 yrs of work

The International Fine Arts Consortium is proud to present as our inaugural exhibition in the heart of the Lower East Side Arts District, A HOMAGE TO COLETTE THE ARTIST, with a presentation of works from “Records from the Story of my Life”. Also presented will be  rare artifacts and archivial material from Justine of the Colette is Dead Co./Reverse Pop series. 1978-1983. Early videos of Justine will be also be presented including the cult film “Justine and the Boys” starring Jeff Koons and Richard Prince, filmed by Robert Polidori.

The "Colette is Dead" series, was an ongoing conceptual work and parody to the solution of  the dilemma of a contemporary innovative artist. In January 1978, Colette already a well known and wildly imitated by the commercial world, staged her own death at the Downtown Whitney Museum and transformed herself into the "Reverse Pop" artist Justine. As president of  the Colette is Dead,Co., Justine placed products inspired by the dead artist's  personal image into a commercial arena; by posing as a recording star,an interior and fashion designer, conceptualizer of products, and the head of Colette’s estate.

Colette's vision continues to Inspire and an ART SCANDAL broke out recently when Lady Gaga plagiarized the Colette Environment in the Christmas windows of Barneys in 2011, and slept in the Guggenheim in 2012. Colette's installation/performance “Olympia practices being two places at one time “ 91, in which she slept in a glass cabinet ,also preceded the actress Tilda Swinton 's who made headlines for doing the same, at MoMA earlier this year .

Colette’s work has been exhibited in or is in the collection of major museums such MoMA, The Whitney, the Guggenheim, The New Museum, PS1, LA MoCA, Musee dart moderne Paris, the Ludwig Museum Cologne and others.

The International Fine Arts Consortium, originally founded in 1996 is an independent curatorial platform co-directed by Lee Wells and Gregory de la Haba. A semi-nomadic project space and agency functioning in the real and virtual worlds through a broad based international network of artists, curators, and advisors that seek to expand the dialogue in the arts and the avant garde. IFAC has partnered with The Yard, a multifunctional office collective at 85 Delancey, in the heart of the Lower East Side Arts District. Designed by the architect David Bers, original detail complements modern structure to create a space that fosters creativity, focus, and connection.

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