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IFAC-Arts-Lydia Venieri-War Games-X-042-911RuinsFamily Affairs
An incestuous avant-garde survey of art
March 6 – April 31, 2014
Opening Reception, March 6, 6-8 pm

Family Affairs will be presented at IFAC Headquarters at The Yard, opening during Armory Art Week. Featuring a wide array of work by modern and contemporary masters juxtaposed alongside new and re emerging artists championed by the consortium. With a strong focus on painting, the circles of influence are wide and far reaching yet centered around our city home: in the immigrant story and the mission of the historic avant-garde that arrived in New York a century ago, launching American art into modernity and paving the way for the rise of the New York School and conceptual art. A semi-dysfunctional family bound together with a common necessity to create with a passion.

Artists Include: Noah Becker, Casper Brindle, BTA, Pierre Carrilero, Erica Cassill, Ayn Choi, Richard Cutrona, Christina Dallas, Jim D'Amato, Elaine de Kooning, Gregory de la Haba, Rodney Dickson, Peter Fend, Stephan Fowlkes, Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, Simone Gad, Joann Gedney, Joaquin Goldstein, Brian Gormley, Jerelyn Hanrahan, Keith Haring, Julie Harvey, Sylvia Huerta, Stephen Holding, Dana James, Magda Love, Sasha Meret, Bernd Naber, Joe Heaps Nelson, Lindsey Nobel, Midori Okuyama, Renzo Ortega, Robert Petrick, Pablo Picasso, Michael Ricardo Andreev, Eddie Rehm, Judy Rifka, E. Brady Robinson, Nathania Rubin, Maria Joao Salema, Frank Shifreen, Katerina Skassi, Savannah Spirit, Burt Stern, Swoon, Michael Torquato de Nicola, Lydia Venieri, Lee Wells, LG White, Natalie White, Natalie Wood, Agni Zotis and more.



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