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December 12, 2013 - January 13, 2014
Reception : December 12, 2013,  6-8 pm.

The International Fine Arts Consortium is proud to present as our inaugural exhibition cross-section of conceptual abstract paintings by Robert Petrick.

Robert Petrick claims to be a painter. In fact, he's been manipulating oil pigments on canvas since the early sixties (born in 1945). But Bob, as he is more commonly known around his Lower East Side hood and where he's resided the last 30 plus years, is more metaphorical poet than mere painter. His non-objective abstractions from the 1980's are tableau vivants that seem to breath on the wall the way a Bikram practicing yogi would breath in a room heated to 105 degrees, Fahrenheit. 

Petrick has long obsessed with nature, it's inhabitants and the correlation of the two.

His paintings attempt to mimic this juxtaposition between man and maker by way of assembling varying combinations of geometric forms with innumerable color schemes. His surface patterns are as endless as nature's are full of wonderment. The Greek word mimesis , literally meaning 'to imitate' or 'mimic', also connotates a broader array of meaning from a critical point of view, including: 'the act of resembling', 'the act of expression' and 'the presentation of self'. In ancient Greece, mimesis was an idea that governed the creation of works of art, in particular, that with a correspondence to the physical world, a world that was understood and measured as a model for beauty and truth. Petrick states, “In the time that  I’ve been painting which has been about 40 years I have not focused much on showing my work.  Now I want to reveal to the world what I’ve been up to in my painting experiments”.

Robert Petrick is an American artist born in 1945. In 1984, he moved to New York and has focused primarily on developing a painting vernacular strongly rooted in the New York School of Conceptual Abstraction and avant garde music. Petrick's work presents an exceptional color scheme with loosely formed shapes based around a type of gestural geometry. His consistent practice integrates vaguely geometric forms which interact, collide and float, suggesting both object and non-object simultaneously. Petrick has exhibited consistently over the past 45 years in the Lower East Side community including, Pyramid Club, Danceteria, Colab and Peanut Underground. Petrick has presented recent solo exhibitions at the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University and Carter Burden Gallery in New York. 

The International Fine Arts Consortium, originally founded in 1996, is an independent semi-nomadic curatorial platform and agency co-directed by Lee Wells and Gregory de la Haba. IFAC functions in the real and virtual worlds through a broad based international network of artists, curators, and advisors that seek to expand the dialogue in the arts and the avant garde. IFAC has organized the work of 1000’s of artists through hundreds of exhibitions and events in more than 20 countries, including The Guggenheim Museum, NCCA Moscow, Art Basel Miami Beach, Coachella Music Festival, Scope Art Fairs and most recently the 1st Mykonos Biennale.

IFAC recently opened at 85 Delancey St and partnered with The Yard, a three story multi-functional collective workspace in the heart of the Lower East Side Arts District, designed by the architect David Bers.

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