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ifac-arts-amstel-gallery-cutlog-what-rulesAmstel Gallery Presents What Rules at Cutlog New york

New works by the artist / curators
Gregory de la Haba, Kathy Grayson, Laura O'Reilly, and Lee Wells.

May 8 - 11th, 2014
@ The Clemente
107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
Subway: F J M Z Delancey Stop

ifac-arts-amstel-laura-oreilly-cutlogLaura O'Reilly approaches sound like a sculptor creating recordings that transport listeners into another realm where time and space do not exist. She uses a boss RC50 looping pedal and microphone to layer her voice and samples in recordings of everyday noises to create lush audio environments. O’Reily’s sound pieces have been exhibited in gallery shows. "The Visitor" debuted at Black & White Gallery, "Upper East Side" was featured at Lyons Wier Project Space & Like The Spice Gallery, "Sound of 100 Flushes" (recorded in the bathroom at the hole gallery) was included in CNNCTD's sound project at The New Museum and at Pulse Fair in Miami during Art Basel. "Sound Sketches" as a collection was exhibited at "POWERPLAY: A Sculpture Park" in an interactive installation called "Sound Lane" at the Hayground School in Bridge Hampton.


Kathy Grayson explores how day-to-day transitions from analog to digital media affect traditional painting. Fascinated by the transformations of meaning that occur when pictorial technology experiences errors or slippages, Grayson’s paintings are the final product of a process that deliberately distorts and ruptures digital imagery. During the journey from camera to satellite to analogue broadcast to digital recording device, the live capture is reconfigured by a range of computer algorithms that make a series of choices about the simplification of color and key frames. Grayson lives and works in New York. A graduate of Dartmouth, Grayson was a director at Deitch Projects for 8 years in New York as well as an independent curator and published essayist and book editor. Kathy Grayson is the owner of The Hole gallery where she curates exhibitions and is the arts editor at I.D Magazine.


Gregory de la Haba reinterprets neoclassical themes through paintings that explore contemporary notions of masculinity. A native New Yorker, de la Haba is an artist, curator and writer. His artwork and projects have been included in the Salzach Biennial, Salzburg Arts Festival, Queens Museum, Kunsthaus Tacheles,Contemporary Istanbul, Mykonos Biennial, Scope Basel and numerous other Art Fairs. Most recently he curated the exhibition Who Shot Natalie White and organized a retrospective of the Abstract Expressionist painter Joanne Gedney. A cum laude graduate of Harvard University, de la Haba’s writings and artworks have been published in numerous publications including the Southampton Review, Whitehot Magazine, Rizzoli’s Irish America and New York Arts magazine. He is represented by Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam and Rox Gallery, NY.



Lee Wells is a conceptual artist, curator, and writer. Working in video, painting, and drawing, his work centers around power and control in society. His artwork has been presented internationally, including the 51st Venice Biennale, The Guggenheim Museum, NCCA Moscow, PS1/MoMA, and the 1st Mykonos Biennale. His projects have been reviewed in The New York Times, The NY Observer, The Art Newspaper, and Art in America. Wells has lectured on art, technology, and contemporary society at many universities including: Columbia University, Princeton University, New York University, and others. Through IFAC, Wells has was a curator at large for Scope Art Fairs from 2005-2010, and a co-founder of the video art archive Perpetual Art Machine and Peanut Underground Art Projects prior to reigniting IFAC Arts 2013. Wells was recently appointed a Senior Curator for the 2015 Mykonos Biennale.





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